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Applications, Methods & Solutions:

Inorganic Anions and Organic Acids in Broths - Analysis of organic acids and inorganic anions
- Analysis of Alkaline Earth Cations
Determination of Inorganic Anions in Water - Analysis of Inorganic Anions
Analysis of Methoxybenzenes - Methoxybenzene Testing
Analysis of Phthalate Esters - Phthalate Testing
Concentration of Formaldehyde Solutions - ASTM D2194-02
Free Formaldehyde in Emulsion Polymers - ASTM D5910-05
Low Level Sodium in High Purity Water - ASTM D6071-13
Analysis of Phenol - ASTM D6142-12
Analysis of AMS (α-Methylstyrene) - ASTM D6144-13
Hydrocarbon Impurities in Ethylene - ASTM D6159-97
Free Formaldehyde in Emulsion Polymers - ASTM D5910-0
Phenols and Slip Additives in Polymers - ASTM D6042-09
Determination of Formaldehyde Content in Toys - Toy Contaminant Testing
- Determination of Lead and Cadmium in plastic
Analysis of Low Level Water in Liquid Chlorine - ASTM E1754-08
Determination of Low Levels of Antimony in Steel - ASTM E1852-13
Determination of Silver in Copper Concentrates - ASTM E1898-13
Argon Concentration in Insulating Glass Units - ASTM E2269-05
Dichloromethane and TCE in Paints and Coatings - ASTM D4457
Determination of propylene glycol and glycol ether - Glycols (PGE) Testing
- Analysis of Amino Acids by GC-MS
- Analysis of inorganic gas by GC-MS
Method for Determination of Thiodiglycol - ASTM E2838 – 11
Identification and Quantitation Compounds in Water - ASTM D4128 - 06
- The analysis of Benzodiazepines by LC/MS
Identification of Oils and Oil Acids by GC-FID - ASTM D2245 – 90

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