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  1. How to Order: Please fax, phone or mail orders to: SpectraLab Scientific Inc.. 38 McPherson St, Markham ON L3R 3V6 Canada Tel: 905-946-8066 Fax: 905-946-8766; Email: info@spectralabsci.com. For faster service please fax or phone your order to us. When placing your order, list quantity, catalog number, and a brief description of products. Also, include your purchase order number, shipping address, and billing address.

  2. Special Requests: Our catalog represents some of our most popular products, if you don't see it listed, please don't hesitate to ask. We are constantly expanding our product lines and we have formed alliances with other manufacturers so that we serve many of your chromatography needs

  3. Discounts & Warrnty: Quality discounts are available on multiple column orders. Please ask for a quotation. All of our products are warranted to free from defects in materials and workmanship for three months after shipping. This warranty does not apply to cases of product misuse.

  4. Return Policy: Return is not acceptable unless we state it on quote specificaly. Refund is not acceptable unless we state it on quote specificaly. Please understand our business. Information on this website is deemed to be correct to the best of our knowledge, but is not guaranteed. SpectraLab Scientific Inc. shall not be liable for any consequential incidental, or compensatory damages arising from the use of its products. The maximum liability, which can be assumed by SpectraLab Scientific, Inc. shall be limited to the invoice price of the product. We reserve the right to correct any errors on our web site prices are subject to change without notice.

  5. Terms: Terms of payment are "Net 30 Days" with approved credit period. In order to avoid unnecessary delays, purchasers who do not have an account with us may charge their order with us to Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, enclosed check or Money Order, or send commercial and bank references.

Here are partial reasons why you are comfortable to work with us:
  1. We always have considerable equipment inventory in stock to ensure your support.
  2. We have sufficient export experience, including professional packing and proper documentation.
  3. If you are buying from the US we include customs brokerage, to make sure you have the same purchase experience as you would in the US.
  4. Our price is very competitive.
  5. We have provided with a longer warranty if compared to our competitors.
  6. We have a professional team who will look after you and we can provide.

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