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PerkinElmer TurboMatrix Headspace Sampler 40

PerkinElmer TurboMatrix Headspace Sampler 40
PerkinElmer TurboMatrix Headspace Sampler 40
Sample capacity 
TurboMatrix 16 – Sixteen vials with overlapping thermostatting of one vial.
TurboMatrix 40 – Forty vials with intelligent overlapping thermostatting of up to twelve vials.
TurboMatrix 110 – One hundred and ten vials with intelligent overlapping thermostatting of up to twelve vials.
TurboMatrix 40 Trap – Forty vials with intelligent overlapping thermostatting of up to twelve vials plus built-in trap for lower detection limits.
TurboMatrix 110 Trap – One hundred and ten vials with intelligent overlapping thermostatting of up to twelve vials plus built-in trap for lower detection limits.

Sample vials 
Use PerkinElmer 22 mL sample vials (P/N B0104236) for a maximum liquid sample volume of 15 mL. With the low-volume vial adapters (P/N N6120110) the TurboMatrix 16 and TurboMatrix 40 systems can also use 9 mL sample vials (P/N N9302134) for a maximum sample volume of 2 mL. The 9 mL sample vials cannot be used on the TurboMatrix 110 system.
Note: Use of non-PerkinElmer sample vials and patented cap enclosures is NOT recommended and system performance problems resulting from the use of non-PerkinElmer vials and caps will NOT be covered under the system warranty.

Sample thermostatting 
Solid aluminum thermostatting oven. Thermostatting period and temperature precisely controlled for each sample. Software algorithm automatically optimizes sample thermostatting overlap.

Sample temperature 
Temperature settable from 35°C to 210°C in 1°C increments or can be run at ambient.

Sample needling 
Stainless Steel (Platinum/Iridium needle optional).
Temperature settable from 35°C to 210°C in 1°C increments or can be run at ambient.

Transfer line length 
Choice of 1008 mm or 1650 mm.

Transfer line Temperature 
settable from 35°C to 210°C in 1°C increments or can be runtemperature at ambient.

Transfer line system 
Deactivated fused silica capillary transfer line or capillary column (0.32-µm i.d. or
0.25-µm i.d.) shielded inside a heated transfer tube between the headspace samplerand GC injector.

Column compatibility 
Compatible with all capillary column diameters in split and splitless (direct coupled) mode. On-column sampling using 0.25-mm i.d. or 0.32-mm i.d. capillary columns and 1/8-inch o.d. packed columns.

Sampling method 
Pneumatic, pressure-balanced sampling (no syringe or gas sample loop). Sample vials are pressurized with carrier gas. During the injection period, carrier gas flowing to the GC system is replaced by pressurized sample gas. Rapid transfer of analytes is ensured without re-equilibration in a gas sampling valve or syringe and subsequent loss of analytes. Injection amount is programmable by time or by volume without requiring any hardware change.

Analyte compatibility
Polar and non-polar organic compounds can be analyzed without any change of internal tubing. Low risk of sample composition change during analyte transfer. Analysis of chemically activecompounds such as free volatile organic acids, sulfur compounds, amines and other nitrogen containing organic compounds can be performed using the optional Platinum/Iridium needle.

Pneumatic control 
Choice of:
— Manual pneumatics using built-in pressure regulator (0-60 psig).
— Electronically controlled Programmable Pneumatic Control (PPC) module (0-60 psig).

Modes of operation
Constant mode 
Routine analysis mode with constant, equal thermostatting time for each sample. Includes Express Step Function to automatically optimize oven movement for maximized sample throughput.

MHE mode 
Multiple headspace extractions from each vial. Up to nine extraction steps with intermediate vent performed automatically. For use in method development and validation or for routine analysis of special samples.

Progressive mode 
Method development tool used in determining required equilibration time and in performing kinetic studies. Thermostatting time is automatically increased to determine optimal thermostatting time.

Each headspace sampler is a self-contained stand-alone unit. All instrument functions are easily operation controlled from the touch screen of the built-in graphical user interface. Set and actual values may be displayed at any time. Configurable user interface for simplest possible interaction.
— Simple one-touch operation
— Single method operation
— Sequence-based multimethod operation with up to eight methods
— Password protection
— Ten operating methods can be stored in the instrument
— Parameters remain stored with last used method directly available after power-up
Operating languages English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.

Software control
An optional control software package is available to control the headspace samplers from a Microsoft Windows® environment. The headspace control software offers graphical representation of instruments and parameters with intuitive interaction. Sequence building follows the easy drag-and-drop principle. A runlog tracks and saves information on samples and performed analyses for GLP compliance. Context sensitive on-line help is available for all functions.

Gas chromatograph/data system interfacing 
Output signal lines for READY and RUN to start gas chromatograph and data handling devices.
Input lines for START, STOP and READY to control the headspace unit externally. Six built in relays (4 with contact closures, 2 with 24-volt outputs).

Economy mode 
Programmable power-saving and gas-saving feature with automatic wake-up function.

Priority vial 
One or two vial positions can be assigned to priority vials. Urgent vials can be placed in these positions and will be inserted into the analysis sequence for quickest possible analysis. Available for the TurboMatrix 40 and TurboMatrix 110 headspace samplers, non-trap and trap models.

Maintenance alarms 
Settable injection counter that alerts user when it is necessary to perform routine maintenance.

System integrity checks
Automatic system leak checking 
Static leak check: Checks the whole system for leaks prior to analysis
Dynamic leak check: Checks each vial for leaks as it is sampled
Vial temperature calibration 
User calibration supported.

Optional accessories
Patented frequency scanning shaker for quicker sample equilibration during thermostatting. All vials are agitated simultaneously to allow quicker equilibration. Automatic frequency scanning
program optimizes the agitation process. Available for the TurboMatrix 40 and TurboMatrix 110 headspace samplers, non-trap and trap models.

Cryofocusing/water trap
On-column cryofocusing accessory for preconcentration of analytes and improved detection limits. Water trap included to allow large-volume sampling from aqueous samples without ice blockage. Available for the TurboMatrix 40 and TurboMatrix 110 headspace samplers, non-trap models only.
BCD output 
Output of sample number to external device. Standard on TurboMatrix 110 headspace sampler, non-trap and trap models.

Injector adapter kits 
Injector adapter kits are available for most contemporary GCs. Side-mount kit available for PerkinElmer AutoSystem/AutoSystem XL Gas Chromatograph.

Removable sample tray
Extra sample trays for vials to be loaded into while instrument is running. Available for the TurboMatrix 40 and TurboMatrix 110 headspace samplers, non-trap and trap models.

AutoSystem injector interface
Special hourglass injector insert to connect the fused silica transfer line from the headspace sampler to the capillary column provides the performance advantages of a direct connection while still maintaining the convenience of connecting to a split injector.

Physical details
Ambient operating conditions
Temperature range: 15 °C to 32 °C
Humidity: 75% maximum RH without condensation
Power requirements: 100/120/240 V; 50/60 Hz; 900 VA

Dimensions in cm
TurboMatrix 16: W*D*H 43*58*61
TurboMatrix 40 (non-trap and trap): W*D*H 43*61*61
TurboMatrix 110 (non-trap and trap): W*D*H 43*61*61

TurboMatrix 16: 32 kg
TurboMatrix 40: 33 kg
TurboMatrix 110: 35 kg

TurboMatrix Headspace Sampler with Trap

Inline adsorbent trap Material: Quartz
Length: 132 mm
Outer diameter: 3.5 mm
Inner diameter: 2.8 mm for adsorbent packing with 0.7 mm inlet/outlet channel
Packed bed length: 25 mm maximum
Trap load temperature: 5 oC above ambient to 100 oC
Desorption temperature: 5 oC above ambient to 400 oC
Heating rate: 300 oC/min or 2400 oC/min linear program
Heating hold time: 0 to 999 minutes
Desorption pressure: 0 to 60 psig
Desorption pressure time: 0 to 999 minutes
Desorption split: Off or fixed at 10 mL/min
Cooling rate: 400 oC to 40 oC in less than 2 minutes
Trap materials: 
Standard: Tenax GA or Air Toxics
Custom: To order
Empty: For packing by user
Thermal runaway protection: From firmware and by thermal fuse
Sample pathway Diameter: 0.5 mm
Valving: Pressure balanced (no mechanical valve in sample flow path)

Pressure pulsed Vial pressure: 
0 to 60 psig (independent of dry purge and column pressure) 
extraction Vial pressurization per cycle: 0.1 to 99.9 minutes
Trap load time per cycle: 0.1 to 99.9 minutes
Trap load flow rate: 50 mL/min fixed
Number of pulse cycles: 1 to 4
Water management Technique: Dry purge
Time: 0.1 to 99 minutes
Temperature: 5 oC above ambient to 99 oC
Pressure: 0 to 60 psig (independent of vial and column pressure)
Purge flow rate: 50 mL/min fixed
Column isolation Standard on all trap models. Allows the HS system to be serviced while the GC and flow feature detector are still active.
Flow rate: 1 to 50 mL/min by manual mass flow controller.
Internal standard: A gaseous standard mixture is used to charge a gas sampling loop and that is subsequently addition option delivered to the sample vial prior to sampling. May be ordered as a factory option or as a fieldupgrade to trap-based instruments.
Loop size: 0.5 mL
Loop load flow rate: Adjustable by needle valve
Loop load time: 0 to 2 minutes
Loop pressure equilibration time: 0 to 2 minutes
Loop inject time: 0 to 2 minutes

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