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Agilent G2565CA Microarray Scanner System

Agilent G2565CA Microarray Scanner System
Agilent G2565CA Microarray Scanner System
Agilent G2565CA Microarray Scanner System
Agilent G2565CA Microarray Scanner System
Dynamic Range
104 (16-bit data format), 105 (20-bit data format), 106 (with XDR scanning)
Dynamic Auto-Focus
Continually adjusts scanner’s focus, keeping features in focus at all times
48-slide carousel allows for hands-off operation
Integrated Barcode Reader
Reads code 128 (A,B,C), Code 39, Code 93, and CODABAR
Compatible Dyes
Cyanine 3 and Cyanine 5, and Alexa 647, 555, and 660
Laser Information
SHG-YAG laser, 532nm; Helium-Neon laser, 633nm
Power: 20 mW at 532 nm and 23 mW at 633 nm both controlled to 13 mW
Scan Window Maximum
21.6 mm x 71 mm
PMT Adjustment
Allows adjustment of signal levels from 100% (default) to 1%
Detection Limit
0.05 chromophores per square micron
Pixel Placement Error
1 pixel @ 5 micron resolution
5% CV global non-uniformity; average local non-uniformity is typically 1% based on 100 micron features
Scan time
2-color simultaneous data acquisition in 15 minutes per for 3 micron scans and 20 minutes for 2 micron scans (scan region of 61 mm x 21.6 mm)
Data Workstation and Operating System
PC-based with Windows® 7 – 64 bit
Data Analysis Software - 2 perpetual licenses of Agilent Feature Extraction included
Approximate Scanner Dimensions
Height: 21.5” (55 cm), Width: 35.5” (90 cm), Depth: 25” (63.5cm)
Scanner: 218 lbs (98 kg), PC and LCD monitor: 56 lbs (25.5 kg)
Power Input
100/120/220/240/VAC; 50/60 Hz; 2 Amps
Operating Temperature Range
15°C to 30°C
Laser Product Classification
Class 1

The Agilent G2565CA Microarray Scanner is part of the microarray analysis solution from Agilent Technologies. The microarray scanner is a sophisticated laser- induced fluorescence scanner designed to read microarrays printed on standard 1 in x 3 in slides.

The microarray scanner measures the fluorescence intensity of labelled sample nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) bound to microarrays. Its ability to measure fluorescence from two dyes simultaneously facilitates all two- colour microarray studies. This technology provides for rapid, high- quality, automated scanning of microarrays.

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