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Waters NanoACQUITY UPLC System

Waters NanoACQUITY UPLC System
Waters NanoACQUITY UPLC System
Waters NanoACQUITY UPLC System
Waters NanoACQUITY UPLC System
  This fully refurbished and ready to use Waters NanoACQUITY UPLC System comes with the following:
  • Waters NanoACQUITY Auxiliary Solvent  Manager
  • Waters NanoACQUITY Binary Solvent Manager
  • Waters NanoACQUITY Sample Manager with attached column oven
  • Waters Sample Tray
  • Necessary cables for full operation
Maximum resolution – optimized system to drive 1.7 µm BEH particle technology to yield maximum peak capacity for complex mixtures.
Maximum reproducibility – direct nanoflow control and a novel, movable heating and trapping module for <0.25-minute standard deviation run-to-run reproducibility, even overlong gradients
Maximum throughput – BEH Technology columns enable faster gradient separations for simple mixtures, or when preforming targeted analyses without compromising resolution
Robustness – Nano-scale columns and fittings (PEEK, 1/32 stain-less steel and goal coating)provide reliable operation for up to 10,000 psi, with novel pressure trapping
Ease-of-use – Direct gradient control enables minimized tubing assembles and simplified loading and trapping schemes.
Enhanced on-board diagnostics – Efficiently monitor system performance
Combine with any MS – Control the nano ACQUITY UPLC system from your Waters, Thermo Fisher Scientific, or ABI/MDS SCIEX mass spectrometer software platforms
UPLC and HPLC – Compatible with a wide range of conventional nano-scale columns with a flow range from 200 nL/min to 100 µL/min 

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