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Agilent 1200 Series Infinity Series Instant Pilot controller

Agilent 1200 Series Infinity Series Instant Pilot controller
Install any desired configuration of Agilent 1200 Series modules. The control module software will reflect which modules are present in the LC system and adjust the screens accordingly.
  • Enter parameter settings for every module, perform reset and on/off functions as well as calibration and configuration settings in a self-explanatory and intuitive way.
  • Define automated analyses including methods, timetables, injector programs, method sequences and automated calibration settings using the control module.
  • Protect your method from any inadvertent keyboard changes by setting method protection.
  • Use PC cards to store and transfer methods and sequences between Agilent 1200 systems.
  • Monitor all operations and error events using the self-updating logbooks.
  • Use the context-sensitive online information system to get further information on all topics.
  • Use the context-sensitive menu function to have the quickest access on related functions.
  • To help comply with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations you can select a variety of module tests that will check the performance of the LC system.
  • The early maintenance feedback (EMF) limits can be used for scheduling maintenance work.
  • Display data graphically using the Plot screen where as many as three different signals can be monitored at the same time.
  • Print information to a PCL3 compatible printer connected to the serial RS232 port of an Agilent 1200 module.
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A 90 day warranty is included. Multiple available.

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