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Perkin Elmer SCIEX - ELAN DRC II

Perkin Elmer SCIEX - ELAN DRC II
Perkin Elmer SCIEX - ELAN DRC II
Perkin Elmer SCIEX - ELAN DRC II
  The ultimate in ICP-MS performance
The innovative ELAN® DRC II eliminates polyatomic interferences completely, using patented Dynamic Reaction Cell™(DRC™) technology with performance-enhancing Axial Field Technology. Using a process called chemical resolution, the ELAN DRC II eliminates plasma-based polyatomic interferences before they reach the quadrupole mass spectrometer -achieving effective resolution that exceeds what is possible with so-called high-resolution designs.

Axial Field Technology maximizes performance for all matrices
Innovative new Axial Field Technology applies a linearly accelerating axial field to the Dynamic Reaction Cell. This technology decreases matrix effects,improves stability and increases the speed of the DRC, making the ELAN DRC II the ultimate analytical tool for all applications, where ultimate performance in challenging matrices is required.

What is chemical resolution? 
Chemical resolution is a process to selectively remove interfering polyatomic or isobaric species from the ion beam using controlled ion-molecule chemistry. Chemically scrubbing the interferences from the beam before they enter the analyzer results in achieving detection limits unmatched by any other design, especially for difficult elements like Fe, Ca, K, Cr, As, V and Se.

DBT optimizes chemical specificity
No other technology has this kind of power. Unlike the more simplistic collision-cell designs, the unique, patented DRC technology with Dynamic Bandpass Tuning (DBT) not only reduces the primary interference, but also eliminates sequential side reactions that, if left unchecked, can create new isobaric interferences. The high efficiency of the chemical resolution process also avoids significant sensitivity losses typical of high-resolution magnetic-sector ICP-MS systems. This means elements like Fe, Ca and K can be detected at ppt and ppq levels, while maintaining high scan speed and sample throughput – hallmarks of a quadrupole system.

Leaves cool plasma out in the cold
DRC technology always uses high-temperature or "hot" plasma for the analysis. Hot plasmas do not suffer from the recognized drawbacks of cool- or warm-plasma approaches. These fragile, low-temperature plasmas result in matrix effects and the formation of polyatomic compounds that can interfere with the analysis. Also, re-stabilization delays associated with changing between cool-, warm- and hot-plasma conditions are avoided. The result is increased sample throughput and more efficient multielement analysis.

What’s NEW on the ELAN DRC-II?
  • New quick-change torch cassette – changing the torch components is a very simple process – no tools are required
  • NEW SwiftMount II – the snap-in-place design makes lens removal or installation a two-finger approach
  • NEW oil-drain system – changing the oil in the mechanical vacuum pumps is now easier and cleaner, using the integrated valve and thread-on valve extension
  • NEW improved detector lifetime – new detector electronics enable operation at lower detector voltages, thereby extending detector lifetime
This Perkin Elmer SCIEX - ELAN DRC II is in working condition.

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