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Bruker Avance 700 Digital NMR

Bruker Avance 700 Digital NMR
Bruker Avance 700 Digital NMR
Bruker Avance 700 Digital NMR
Bruker Avance 700 Digital NMR
Bruker Avance 700 Digital NMR
Bruker Avance 700 Digital NMR
Bruker Avance 700 Digital NMR
  The Bruker AVANCE 700 MHz NMR Spectrometer is a modern instrument dedicated to the study of solid materials. It operates under XWINNMR from a Linux workstation. Together with the 16.4 T magnet, the instrument includes an H-F/X CP/MAS probe, suitable for the study of 1H, 19F, and other nuclei (X) with Larmor frequencies between 13C and 31P (176-283 MHz). The probe permits spinning speeds up to 35 kHz in 2.5 mm rotors. Also available is a VTN CP/MAS H/X probe for X nuclei frequencies between 15N and 13C (71-176 MHz) with spinning speeds up to 15 kHz in 4 mm rotors. There are also two triple-resonance probes; specifically a TriGamma double-broadband H/X/Y MAS probe employing a 3.2 mm MAS system. These probes offer the capability for heteronuclear X/Y correlation techniques. The second triple resonance probe is a 4 mm design specifically for 11B/29Si correlations but also allows correlations between other nuclei close to 11B and 29Si. Our most recent probe addition is a 5 mm probe head dedicated to the observation of nuclei that resonate at low Larmor frequencies ("low gamma nuclei" such as 39K, 43Ca, 67Zn, 91Zr, 107Ag, 25Mg, and 47/49Ti).

This Bruker Avance 700 Digital NMR was taken from a working lab. It is used, good for parts, and is being sold as-is with no warranty.

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