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Agilent 7890A System with Agilent 5975C VL GC/MS

Agilent 7890A System with Agilent 5975C VL GC/MS
Agilent 7890A System with Agilent 5975C VL GC/MS
Agilent 7890A System with Agilent 5975C VL GC/MS
Agilent 7890A System with Agilent 5975C VL GC/MS
Agilent 7890A System with Agilent 5975C VL GC/MS
  Agilent's 7890A GC takes your lab to the next level of GC and GC/MS performance, including advanced separation capabilities, and real-time self-monitoring instrument intelligence. Faster oven cool-down and robust backflushing let you get more done in less time, at a lower cost per sample. 5th-generation Electronic Pneumatics Control (EPC) and digital electronics set a new benchmark for pressure setpoint and retention time locking precision (0.001 psi) and help make the 7890A the most dependable GC ever.

The Agilent 5975C inert MSD with its new Triple-Axis Detector gives the innovative design features that boost your lab's productivity and advanced analytical capabilities that enhance your results and your confidence. In addition to delivering better MS resolution and the lowest mass deviation available, the system offers superior sensitivity and spectral integrity. Advanced analysis routines let us get more information from every run, and the latest version of automated spectral deconvolution, identification, and quantification software provides higher quality analyses with even less operator time and attention.

This Agilent 7890A System with Agilent 5975C VL GC/MS is in great condition. It has been tested at SpectraLab Scientific.

A 90 day warranty is included.

  Standard Metric
CE Marked YES  
Model 7890A  
Voltage 230 VOLTS 230 VOLTS
Frequency 50/60 HERTZ 50/60 HERTZ
Recommended Packaging Form CUSTOM  
Estimated Shipping Weight 100 KGS 100 KGS
Estimated Shipping Length 51.18 in 1300 MM
Estimated Shipping Width 25.59 in 650 MM
Estimated Shipping Height 35.43 in 900 MM

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