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AH-TSP-01-0490 Thermo Scientific TriPlus Autosampler GC Liquid INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
AH-TSP-01-0499 Thermo CTC GC PAL Autosampler MXY-01-01B INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
AH-TSP-01-0500 Thermo Scientific Accela Autosampler, CTC HTC Pal with diluter features INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
AH-TSP-01-0550 Thermo TriPlus AS Autosampler INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
AH-TSP-01-0560 Thermo SpectraSYSTEM AS3000 Autosampler INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
AH-TSP-01-0581 Thermo AS 3000 Autosamplers INQUIRE $3,500 USD
AH-TSP-01-0582 Thermo Trace 2000 Autosampler INQUIRE $3,500 USD
AH-TSP-01-0583 TSP AS 3500 Autosampler with a rheodyne valve INQUIRE $3,150 USD
AH-TSP-01-0584 TSP AS 3000 Autosampler INQUIRE $2,850 USD
AH-TSP-01-0585 TSP AS 3500 Autosampler INQUIRE $3,150 USD
AH-TSP-01-0586 TSP AS 3000 Autosampler with oven and chiller INQUIRE $3,250 USD
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