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OAS-01-0626 Varian 8035 Autosampler INQUIRE Call for Quote
OAS-01-0627 Perkin Elmer AS-91 AutoSampler INQUIRE Call for Quote
OAS-01-0630 Teledyne TEKMAR HT3 Headspace Autosampler INQUIRE Out Of Stock
OAS-01-0640 PE HS 40 Headspace Autosamplers INQUIRE $5,500 USD
OAS-01-0641 PE HS 101 Headspace Autosampler INQUIRE Call for Quote
OAS-01-0645 Dionex AS3500 Autosampler with a rheodyne valve INQUIRE Call for Quote
OAS-01-0649 Gilson 233XL On-line Column Switching Station INQUIRE Call for Quote
OAS-01-0650 Gilson 215 Liquid Handler system with 2 Gilson 818 Automix, Gilson 819 Injection Module, Gilson 216 STD/TS Tray, Gilson 204 Mixing Tray and Gilson 402 Syringe Pump INQUIRE Call for Quote
OAS-01-0651 Gilson 215 Liquid Handler INQUIRE Call for Quote
OAS-01-0652 Gilson 232XL Sampling Injector INQUIRE Call for Quote
OAS-01-0653 Teledyne Tekmar 14-44a0-00p with Aroma Scan A32 50S Multisampler Detector Headspace INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
OAS-01-0654 Tekmar 7000/7050 Headspace Autosampler INQUIRE Call for Quote
OAS-01-0655 Tekmar Dohrmann SolaTEK 72 multi-Matrix Vial Autosampler INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
OAS-01-0656 Tekmar LSC-2000 Concentrator ALS-2016 Purge & Trap Autosampler INQUIRE Call for Quote
OAS-01-0657 CETAC ASX-500 Model 510 Auto Sampler INQUIRE Call for Quote
OAS-01-0659 Rainin Dynamax AI 200 automatic sample injector INQUIRE Call for Quote
OAS-01-0660 Hitachi Programmable Autosampler Model L-7250 INQUIRE Call for Quote
OAS-01-0665 Fisons AS800 Autosampler Controller INQUIRE Call for Quote
OAS-01-0900 Varian / Supelco SPME Fiber Assortment Kit 1 for CombiPAL / CP-8400 / CP-8410 Autosampler INQUIRE Call for Quote
OAS-01-0905 Varian Syringe Holder assy for CP-8400 / CP-8410 series Autosampler INQUIRE Call for Quote
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