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Waters-FC-1830 Waters Fraction Collector II INQUIRE $2,550 USD
Waters-FM-2280 Waters HC Fluid Module INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
Waters-FU-1350 Waters 610 fluid unit INQUIRE $1,300 USD
Waters-GM-1680 Waters 2525 Binary Gradient Module INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
Waters-IM-0330 Waters System Interface Module INQUIRE $500 USD
Waters-MD-0360 Waters 2695 Module INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
Waters-P0-0150 Empower 2 Chromoatography Data Software with key Disk INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
Waters-P0-0180 Waters PCI BUS/LACE Card with Waters Connections AQT for Empower Software and key Disk INQUIRE out of stock
Waters-P0-0210 Waters PCI BUS/LACE Card INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
Waters-P0-0240 Waters ISA BUS LAC/E Interface Card INQUIRE $1,500 USD
Waters-PC-0100 Waters Delta prep 4000 Preparative Chromatography INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
Waters-PC-0120 Waters Prep LC Controller (LCD) INQUIRE $4,950 USD
Waters-PCM-1530 Waters Pump Control Module II INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
Waters-PCM-1560 Waters Pump Control Module INQUIRE $320 USD
Waters-PU-0180 Waters 600E Pump with Controller INQUIRE $4,100 USD
Waters-PU-1200 Waters CapLC XE Pump with Selector Valve INQUIRE Out Of Stock
Waters-PU-1230 Waters 1525 Micro Binary HPLC Pump INQUIRE $4,850 USD
Waters-PU-1260 Waters 1525 Binary HPLC Pump INQUIRE $4,750 USD
Waters-PU-1290 Waters 626 HPLC Pump INQUIRE $2,300 USD
Waters-PU-1320 Waters 616 Quaternary Pump INQUIRE $2,300 USD
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