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If you’ve wanted to rent, lease, or buy lab equipment online, you won’t find better financing options with any other analytical equipment supplier. Spectralab Scientific partners with CIT to secure analytical instrument financing options for your next equipment lease or instrument purchase. We work closely with these institutions to lock in the best rates for lab equipment financing so you can maximize your lab’s budget and show results.

When you work with Spectralab Scientific, you can feel confident knowing that you’re getting the best deal possible for high-quality, refurbished lab equipment. We are well aware of the strict budget constraints that many scientific labs work with, and our goal is to keep you under budget while also providing the instruments you need to succeed.


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When new equipment is crucial to your business, you need an efficient financing process. That’s what you could get when you finance.

Know what you’re paying each month

Financing allows you to plan and budget with a predictable monthly payment.

Say no to the hassle

Getting a loan from a traditional bank is often not an easy process since there are usually a number of restrictions. With financing, you can rest assured that the financing process will be simple.

Keep your cash reserves available

Paying for your purchase over time by financing means that there is no huge cash burden with your purchase. You’ll be able to keep your cash reserves clear for other expenses or a rainy day.

Take advantage of competitive rates and products

The best rates make financing a cost-effective solution.

Reap some business tax benefits

Consult your Tax Professional about the benefits, in many instances the financing is compliant with IRS 179 deductions (roughly $2,200 for every $10,000 financed).

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