Analytical Testing

We provide a wide range of analytical testing in our lab. Whether it is for discovery of a mixture of compounds within a sample from R&D, or confirmation of certain compounds from a routine release, simply submit your treated samples to us and we can test them with our analytical instrument. We provide preliminary screening for analytes such as cannabinoids, pesticides, peptides, other small drug molecules and more. All equipment in our lab are periodically maintained and qualified by our specialized engineers to keep them at immaculate accuracy and precision, so that you can rest assure about the results you are getting.

Accurate Mass Determination – mass determination of samples using our Thermo LTQ-Orbitrap which gives ultra-high mass resolution and accuracy to allow precise identification of your compound.

MSn Characterization – tandem MS analysis of your compound that goes beyond MS/MS when you need to find out more about your analyte’s structure.

LC-MS or LC-MS/MS characterization – separation and identification of unpurified or a mixture of compounds in your liquid sample, with or without tandem MS for better identification.

MRM Quantitation – the gold standard way to quantify known compounds within your sample. This can be done with both LC and GC triple-quad MS.

Intact Protein Analysis – mass analysis of large molecules such as intact protein with our Agilent Q-TOF system, with mass range up to 20,000 m/z.

HPLC-UV-Vis/Fluorescence – HPLC separation of your sample, followed by identification from UV-Vis or fluorescence detector.

GC AnalysisMeasures permanent gases, hydrocarbon content and evaluate the chemical composition of naturally occurring mixture of gaseous samples and by-products that result from processing.

Analytical Testing

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