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Analysis of Rose Oil

Analysis of Rose Oil by GC-MS and GC-MS/MS

Testing Instruments:

Agilent 6890N with Agilent 5975C (G3393A) inert XL MSD or Agilent 5973N MSD system

HP 5972 MSD with HP 5890 II GC or HP 5973 MSD with HP6890 GC or HP 5971A MSD with HP 5890 II GC

Varian 450GC with Varian 220MSD and CP 8400 Autosampler or Varian 3800GC with 1200L Triple Quadruple MS/MS or Varian 3400 or 3800 GC with Varian Saturn II or 3 MSD

Shimadzu GC/MS System (GC-2010, QP-2010S, AOC-20I,AOC-20S) or (GCMS-QP5050A with GC-17A)

Thermo Finnigan Polaris or Thermo Finnigan Voyager or Quest GCQ Series GC/MS with Trace 2000 GC/MS system or Finningan 9000 GC/MS or Thermo Finnigan TSQ 700 GC/MS/MS

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