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EPA Method 8091

EPA Method 8091 - Nitroaromatics and Cyclic Ketones by GC-ECD

Testing Instruments:

HP / Agilent 6890A/NGC with Dual Micro ECD

HP 5890 II GC withdual ECD, Split-splitless Inlet and Purged Packed Inlet, HP 7673 injector,sampler tray and HP 7673 controller, HPIB Interface, installed data system

HP 6890 GC with Single ECD and Autosampler

Agilent 6890 GC with FID-ECD or NPD, Agilent G1512A controller and Agilent 6890 auto injector

Perkin Elmer AutoSystem Gas Chromatograph with Autosampler and Dual ECD

Varian 3800 GC with FID, ECD, TCD & NCT

Varian CP 3800 GC with TSD & ECD and Varian CP 8200 AutoSampler

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