Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I save if I buy used?

How do you refurbish equipment at SpectraLab Scientific?

How does your warranty work?

Does SpectraLab Scientific provide installation and familiarization?

What does it mean when an item is on backorder?

Can I view your equipment in person?

Can I have photos of your equipment?

Can I have a photo without a watermark?

Can we see equipment up running before we purchase it?

Can I get the serial number of a particular instrument?

Does SpectraLab Scientific have branches outside of Canada?

What services does SpectraLabScientific provide?

Can we submit samples to determine whether equipment will work for our methods?

Is SpectraLab Scientific a broker?

Where does SpectraLab Scientific get its equipment from?

Will SpectraLab Scientific buy my equipment?

How soon does SpectraLabScientific deliver?

How does SpectraLab Scientific handle duties and shipping taxes?

What condition is the equipment in SpectraLab Scientific’s inventory?

Does SpectraLab Scientific refurbish all of its equipment?

Can I buy any software licenses from you?

Can I visit SpectraLab Scientific?

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