Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit SpectraLab Scientific?
If you let us know specifically which equipment you’re interested in, assuming you’ve spoken with our sales reps and made a purchase agreement, then we can schedule a visit to our facility.

Can I view your equipment in person?
Depending on the popularity, the item you wish to view may not yet be refurbished. In order to visit SpectraLab Scientific, we must be sure we have a purchase agreement.

Can I have photos of your equipment?
Our website contains photos of the actual equipment that we have available. Due to our large inventory of multiple equipment, we do not provide additional photos unless the item is being sold as-is, without a warranty, or if there are apparent cosmetics issues. We will provide you with a warranty and will be sure to let you know before you make the purchase.

Can I have a photo without a watermark?
We do not provide photos without our SpectraLab Scientific watermark unless the specific purchase has been approved.

Can we see equipment up running before we purchase it?
Unfortunately, SpectraLab Scientific does not operate this way. Aside from a few specific analyzers in our demo room, we do not begin refurbishing instruments until the sale is approved. We offer warranties on a majority of equipment we sell, so our customers may rest easy knowing that in the event of a malfunction their purchase will be covered.

Can I get the serial number of a particular instrument?
Due to our large inventory of multiple equipment, we do not provide serial numbers unless the item is being sold as-is or without a warranty. However, you may request that we include it on your invoice.

Does SpectraLab Scientific have branches outside of Canada?
We currently have connections in many countries and are in the process of establishing official branches in the United States and China.

What services does SpectraLabScientific provide?

  • Selling refurbished and tested equipment
    • Preventative Maintenance (PM), Performance Qualification (PQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), Installation Qualification (IQ)
    • Service contract agreement
    • Training (either at the customer’s site or in our facilities)
    • Service across most countries worldwide

Can we submit samples to determine whether equipment will work for our methods?
Yes, customers must have a conditonal purcahse confirmation, and for an additional charge our technicians can test your sample.

Is SpectraLab Scientific a broker?
We are not a broker. SpectraLab Scientific exclusively sells pre-owned equipment.

Where does SpectraLab Scientific get its equipment from?
The majority of our instruments come from government and university laboratories and facilities, as well as pharmaceutical firms.

Will SpectraLab Scientific buy my equipment?
We may accept your used instruments for either trade-in credit or cash settlement.

How soon does SpectraLabScientific deliver?
We ship our instruments immediately, delivery can take up to 4 weeks depending on which country and type of order.

How does SpectraLab Scientific handle duties and shipping taxes?
If you are buying from Canada, you must pay HST.
If you are buying from the United States, we will look after duties and customs for freight shipments.
For international purchases, you must look after duties and customs that are not under our control.

How do you refurbish equipment at SpectraLab Scientific?
We thoroughly check to make sure all refurbished instruments pass their manufacturers performance specifications. All refurbished equipment is sold with a warranty (excluding consumable parts) and includes PerformanceQualification (PQ). All refurbishment is completed by our in-house specialists, headquartered in Markham, ON Canada.

How does your warranty work?
SpectraLab Scientific’s warranty begins from the date your equipment is successfully delivered. Any issues that occur during warranty should be reported to SpectraLab Scientific via email ( immediately, describing the issues in as much detail as possible. Do not attempt to repair the equipment or involve a 3rd party without our express permission – this will result in voiding our warranty.

Does SpectraLab Scientific provide installation and familiarization?
Yes, if you purchase equipment from us we do offer installation and familiarization by our service technicians for an additional fee. If the instrument is particularly complicated, we highly recommend this service.
If you’ve purchased less-complex equipment from us that you would like to install yourself, we can provide Team Viewer, email, or telephone support for no additional cost.

What condition is the equipment in SpectraLab Scientific’s inventory?
A majority of our equipment is guaranteed to be in excellent condition.Often our instruments appear brand new (including original packaging), or very lightly used.

Does SpectraLab Scientific refurbish all of its equipment?
All instruments are tested beforehand to determine whether refurbishment is necessary or not. This testing may indicate that brand new or lightly used equipment does not require any further refurbishment.

How much will I save if I buy used?
Purchasing our refurbished instruments can save you anywhere from 30% to 90% compared to purchasing brand new.

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