Thermo Finnigan Surveyor MSQ Mass Spectrometer System & Dionex HPLC

Thermo Finnigan Surveyor MSQ Mass Spectrometer System & Dionex HPLC
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This Dionex/Thermo Finnigan Surveyor MSQ Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer is in excellent condition. The MSQMass Spectrometer (MSD / LCMS) can be used in a wide range of applications and methodologies in both HPLC and IC. Only 12 inches wide, the MSQ is by far the most compact mass spectrometer on the market today. It provides universal detection and characterization of analytes in the 17–2000 m/z range. The MSQ Plus features a high-sensitivity, self-cleaning ESI/APCI ionization source that requires no mechanical adjustment or electrostatic focusing for sample optimization. The compact source design is optimized for a wide range of flow rates and supports a wide range of chromatographic buffers.

This Thermo Finnigan Surveyor MSQ Mass Spectrometer System & Dionex HPLC in great condition.


  • ASI-100 Autosampler
  • DEGASYS DG-2410
  • UCI-50 Universal Chromatography Interface
  • P 680 HPG High-Pressure Gradient Pump
  • TCC-100 MSV Thermostatted Column Compartment
  • Rough pump
  • A 90-day warranty

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